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Keith Mckittrick As A Buoyant Assistant Coach

For years, Keith Mckittrick has been providing an assistance to hockey players which allowed him to develop positive traits while enriching his knowledge at the same time. With all of these things, Keith is now a very versatile assistant coach at the Portland Winterhawks Club. Nevertheless, his great characteristics is what allowed him to stand out. As compared to the other coaches in the country, the team members truly loves him for the reason that he is allowing the newbie players to gain insights by providing them a great learning environment.

When we talk about the great things about him, he is very much committed in his role as the assistant coach of Hockey Club. For his team’s sake, he is willing to do everything. He is also willing to sacrifice things just so the players would be fully prepared for the competition. He considers coaching not only as a job but also a vocation as he is not only after the salary. Whenever one acquires a learning from him, he already feels fully satisfied. For him, he did not waste him time nor his effort in doing something that he likes. Hence, Keith Mckittrick shows great satisfaction in the path he has chosen.

Whenever he coaches the team, he sees to it that the strategy he is using is the most relevant for the players of the team to reach all the goals that they have. Keith Mckittrick gives the kind of milieu that allows every member to enjoy every moment, get to know more about hockey basics and gather a holistic experience as well. Also, he really feels and understands the players under him and motivates them at all times. Even though hockey is a little bit tough, they will not feel it because of a good assistant coach that supervises and manages them.

Apart from the things mentioned before, with his vast knowledge about hockey, the team was able to acquire information that they truly needed to know. That will serve as their guidance throughout their journey as a hockey player. To sum it up, Keith Mckittrick is committed, works with diverse young athletes and has great knowledge. With all of these traits, the Portland Winterhawks Club has the chance to do more in the sport.

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